Senior School

Moving into class 9th in the senior school entails a longer working day, and more organized study time for students, who, at this stage, are expected to become more independent in their learning; however, a close and supportive relationship continues to exist between students and teachers. To ensure continuity between teachers and students, teachers take students up from class 8thto class 9th in many subjects.

The academic curriculum is balanced by arts and crafts, dramatics, sports and participation in a variety of clubs ranging from journalism,to chess. Participation in other work of the center such as afforestation, rural health, and rural education is also encouraged and organized. Students are also encouraged to research topics of their interest and present these at morning assemblies. Assemblies, student-council meetings and specially convened staff-student meetings are forums where discussion and debate over issues of concern in the school community or in the world are encouraged. Culture classes – intended to extend intellectual and emotional horizons of the students – remain an integral part of the timetable, right until class 12th.


Evaluation for all students in the senior school is based on a series of written assignments and tests, apart from project work and classroom observations. The reports contain comments and suggestions on formatted report forms, along with a qualitative achievement grade. The principal’s and house-parent’s reports also give an overall profile of the student’s growth, interests and involvements in life at school.

Sports and Games facilities include three leveled fields and several courts. Major field games like cricket and football, as well as throw ball, basketball, tennis,Skating and badminton are taught and played.The school has also come with two squash courts.The school also has a Twenty Five meter Swimming Pool. Regular physical exercise is conducted in the morning, and an annual athletics meet provides a focus for the development of athletic prowess and talent.Plenty of challenge is provided through coaching camps and invitations to outside teams for matches in various games. We also send a few teams to other schools for friendly matches.

Music and Dance are a part of our co-curriculum,where we expose our students in western as well as Indian music.Vocal music in the Carnatik style, Veena, Violin and Mridangam lessons are given by well-qualified teachers. Bharatnatyam and other folk dances along with dance is taught along with contemporary and hip hop style are taught to the students.

Art and Craft department is a vibrant faculty, with facilities for teaching drawing and painting, batik and needlework, pottery and carpentry, design and construction of toys and models. Interaction between subject areas is actively fostered.

PSA– School is providing special sessions for problem solving Assessments for the grades 9th and 11th.

Foundation Classes -School is providing foundation classes for different competitive exams i.e IIT/AIEEE(NEET), PMT, CLAT, CPT and NDA.It includes all orientation programs for competitive exams and resourse person’s visits, mock tests and career counselling etc.