Art and Craft

Raffles Art and Craft ClassesStudents explore and construct a sense of self and develop an understanding of the world around them through Arts which is a powerful mode of communication. Art is a means for the students to respond to their experiences and engage with historical, social and cultural perspectives.  The students are encouraged to think and to articulate their thoughts in new ways, and through a variety of media and technologies.


Raffles Music ClassesRIS give Performing Arts a special place at curriculum and co-curricular arena. Performing Arts provide student self-expression and interpersonal skills. At RIS students learn variety of Indian and western instruments. Every student finds expression to his or her rhythm and thereafter, hones these talents from contemporary to classical. Music is offered across the school by specialist teachers. In the Primary school, students learn to appreciate music, compose and sing.  They also take part in a choir. Additionally, they have the chance to perform in musical events throughout the year.


Dance Studio

Raffles Dance ClassesStudents are given training to learn different forms of dance- Classical, Folk & Western. Theme base dance team has already given many professional performances in different shows & competitions.

School Band

Raffles School Band PerformanceSchool Marching Bag piper Band is unique assets to school cultural arena. Band has 21 Members, already performed at SMS Jaipur on State function for Independence day.