Lohri and Makar Sankranti Celebration

The Bonfire Gives You Warmth And Joys Of Life, Rewri And Gachak Sweetens Your Relationships, Moongphalli And Til Add Crispness To Your Actions, And The Kite Of Your Success Soar Into The Sky!

Raffles International School Celebrated Lohri on 13th and Makar sankranti on 14th January 2016. The festival of harvest was celebrated with utmost zeal and enthusiasm Lohri is essentially a festival dedicated to the Sun god. It is a joyous time to eat gur and peanuts, sing songs and share the warmth with loved ones. The students showed their innovative and artistic sides by making kites of vibrant and glittering colors. The entire Raffles family along with staff and teachers wore traditional attires and celebrated the festival with full diligence and earnestness. The wood crackled and burned, the fire blazed high, a circle of warmth on a cold winter night around the bonfire was created.  The final ceremony was to light a large bonfire at sunset, sesame seeds, gur, sugar-candy and rewaries were dedicated into the fire. They all enjoyed flying kites high up in the sky.