Report – TechArt 2016

RIS, Sotanala, Behror, 9th November, 2016: The students of various classes from Raffles International School, went to DPS International School, Gurgaon to take part in the Visual Art and Digital design inter-school competition TechArt 2016 on Wednesday, November 9, 2016. It was a learning experience for them because for the first time the school participated in such an interesting though a little bit difficult competition.

As the students of 21st century, they are the stars to have technology in their hands to explore, learn and create. In the same manner, they also can transform their creativity into a form of Art. It is natural, therefore, for Art and Technology to unite creatively as they both demand originality of thought. Technology does not drive the artists but helps them to create their own ideas, challenging them to reach a higher level of critical thinking. It was indeed an enriching moment for the Rafflite students to create such ideas using both Art and Technology and find joy in them while honing their intellect along with the participants from other schools.

The competition was divided into four categories that were –AUDIOLISE, DIGIPAINTER, VISIONARIES AND COLLART. Students from class VI to VII were allowed to participate for the events. All these events were a harmonious blend of Art and Technology.

In the AUDIOLIZE part of the competition, the students were given a stanza of a poem only of six to seven lines and based on the poem a poster was to be made wherein every aspect of the poem was expressed appropriately. The poster could be made with drawings, writings, quotes etc. The marks were allotted on the basis of creativity, presentation and the features of the poem on the poster. The marks for the DIGIPAINTER, VISIONARIES and COLLART also were allotted on the same parameters. There was a lot of fun making new friends and talking to them as one of the Rafflites expressed.

It was a nice exposure. It is hoped that RIS, Behror gives the students such opportunity again for “Tech Art”. Thanks to the school, the Vice Principal Miss Rajeshree Ma’am, Mr. Kartick Sir and Miss Natasha Ma’am for giving the Rafflites an opportunity to participate in Tech Art 2016.

By Saksham Vishal Sood
Edited by Boniface Mundu
Raffles International School
India Campus