The Raffles International School, Behror organized a fun fair and science exhibition on the 27th January, 2016. It was graced by the presence of the Vice-Chancellor, Raffles University, Prof.(Dr.) V.K. Kapoor. He keenly interacted with students who exuded confidence while explaining to him the various projects and activities that were on display.

It became conspicuous to the spectators as the each team from classes 1 to 11 demonstrated and displayed models pertaining to Science. These exhibits were attractive and colorful for they had been prepared and designed well by the students with guidance from the teachers. The students were obviously enthusiastic about their work; for each item was rendered carefully and lovingly without the slightest trace of sloppiness. The trial to outshine each other’s team was competitive yet a pleasant learning experience for the students.

The fun fair was exuding no less radiance through the faces of the students and spectators than the science exhibition was. There were myriads of kinds of game stalls and food stalls to keep the spirit of the day sagging and lagging behind the barn. Everyone whether they be spectators, students, teachers or the guardians, parents, all enjoyed themselves to its lees. As it was the last day of the year in the school, all sooner or later stepped towards their homely nest to keep themselves warm in the winter.