The school places much emphasis on the importance of students taking responsibility for themselves, and for each other, within a very carefully supervised framework. For our boarders, the hostel is also home and as such provides every facility for study, leisure and a flourishing sense of community, which can add so much to school days and later life. The sense of security and loyalty engendered by the hostel life finds expression in many ways, and creates a healthy desire to excel in competition with the other houses, whether on the sports field, in the arts or in academic attainment. Friendships and mutual support play a large part in school life, and this is reflected in the boarding accommodation we provide. At the junior level, students stay in dormitory style accommodation. The school strongly believes that the values of caring, sharing, and community living must be inculcated in our students from the very beginning. As the children move to senior classes, they are provided shared rooms.


The well stocked library provides academic resources for all constituents of the school-students, faculty and administrative staff. The library strives to make resources readily accessible when and whenever the are needed to enhance and promote the total growth and development of the students. the library endeavors to provide students with opportunities to learn how to utilize materials in a variety of formats to access information so that they can continue lifelong learning subjects.

The library has myriad documents, books, multimedia on variety of subjects. There are computers with intranet and internet connectivity available in the library for academic use.

Science Lab

The School provides a unique opportunity to students to experiment, explore and innovate in the area of their interest through its- Centres of Excellence.

The centres aim to foster as appreciated of human creative skills; to stimulate intellectual curiosity; to develop an interest in the process of learning how to learn; to encourage clear thinking and develop the capacity to tackle problems.

The centres of excellence intend to educate our youth in the essence of consecrated leadership and enlightened citizenship.

Sports Facilities

Physical activity is an essential ingredient of life as RIS. The daily routine itself required movement between locations spread over the 25 acres.

We ensure that our students have the right opportunities to excel in academics as well as co-curricular activities. The school has created infrastructure that allows students to play a wide variety of sports from team games like basketball to individual sports like chess, from outdoor games like cricket to indoor games like basketball. While some of these sports are played at the inter-school level, other sports are played at the intra-school level. The various sports allows students to develop a healthy, active life and strong leadership skills.


The school provides residential facilities for boys and girls on campus. All the hostels are well appointed and have all the facilities that help the children live and grow in an environment that they can identify as their home. Trained staff members, including a housemistress and a housemaster, along with a whole range of support staff, are entrusted with the well being of the children and to ensure that the needs of our pupils are fully met.


The school dining room provides nourishing, healthy, and balanced meals to the students. The school’s chefs design the menu, keeping in mind the needs and desires of the children. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals are served and the students often play an active part in menu planning. The school is very particular about cultural and religious sentiments and neither pork nor beef are ever served.

Medical Care

The school has an in house doctor to look after the medical needs of the students. In addition the school also organizes regular health checkups every term. The school keeps a detailed record of the medical history of each student and appropriate medical care is provided as and when required. The school also has a panel of renowned medical specialists whose services are available to the school students as and when required.